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Drawing sailboats at 13.

My first Art Gallery, upstairs @ Mangoes, North Captiva 2001

South Seas, Captiva, 2008

Visiting Boothbay 1989.

Wharfside Gallery in 2010

Boothbay Harbor

About Ed Brown

My first paintings were done in Kindergarden, my next were at 41 years old. A stranger gave me a compliment while copying me kindergarden pics and sent me on a direction to paint about 3000

paintings over the past 17 years! Never under estimate a compliment!

My journey has taken me from North Captiva ( my first art gallery) bottom left, to Maine. The photo in

center features my wife Susan and I in Boothbay Harbor in 1989 ( 12 years before I picked up a brush!)

Bottom right is our gallery in 2010,  same location, Boothbay Harbor. We are about to celebrate our 9th Season in Boothbay! At this writing I sell my art prints in 12 galleries in Florida, and 2 in Maine.

Call for my art near you!  Ed Brown 239 470 4504

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